Monday, December 21, 2009

Tanks Alot!

Here is another Prison Guard done for my buddy Rick Fariz, His name is Tank.


  1. Very cool man!!!! Did you model this in a T pose first? And rig it? Or do you just pose it later in zbrush?

  2. Hey Aaron,
    Yeah basically it's in a loose T pose, arms at 45 degrees, the I put gear on some gear on him, anything that will deform with the pose, like his Utility harness. then I pose him in z brush using Transpose Master. After that, I'll export it back to max, at a low sub d level, just so I have the pose, and begin to place his other Ridged gear like the pouches, radio, Flashlight ect. after all those are in place, I export them to zbrush with the High poly posed model and they fit right into place!
    Hope that answers your question.

  3. Yeah!!!! Thanks man!!!! Really appreciate you taking the time to explain!!! You make it sound easy, but I'll give a shot. Thanks! Also sick job on your new post!! Amazing!!!

  4. Any chance of basemesh pics :) ?