Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Here is a creature called an M-Rex, It's half Megalodon and Half T-Rex.
Here are the concepts I did and the Sculpt still work in progress.


  1. Heya Josh! Man, this looks so awesome! I love your illos as well as your sculpts. very powerful, bud.

    so heya... i've tried responding back to your email several times, but it keeps bouncing back. there might be something wrong with your email. who knows what emails you might miss... but anyway this is what i wrote in it below:

    Heya Josh!

    Happy New Year to you and yours, too! I wish you and your family all
    the best in 2010 and many years to follow!

    Let's catch up soon, too so we can move forward with more colabs. :)



  2. Awesome work here Josh, i'm a big fan! I was wondering if you have any tutorials on modeling with max or maya ? Love your Kung Lao DW3 and your M-Rex, kick ass looking models.

  3. This is literally the best thing ever. I don't mean to qualify that with any descriptions. This wins. It wins at being art, it wins at being a politician, it wins the nobel peace prize and it wins the UFC championship. There is nothing good it does not win. Ever.

  4. I was wondering what the real size of a megalodon was, many people speculate about their size so scientists don't make their minds up. I heard that the megalodon used to eat some kind of plant to increase its sexual potential power, something similar to what we use now which is the Viagra Online.

  5. Yu should request this to be put in Monster Hunter

  6. So nice. Looks a bit like Peter Benchley’s Creature (1998)